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Box Craftsman

Gene Pearson, Box Maker

Gene Pearson

Gene Pearson lives in the beautiful foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountain range in California. After 35 years in the hustle and bustle of the technology industry, he and his lovely wife chose to retire in the peace and quiet of Mother Nature.

Gene’s love of woodworking began in high school woodshop where he made a Mother’s Day recipe box which still holds family recipes today. He loves to make fine heirloom quality boxes, paying particular attention to the grain of the wood with Mother Nature as his guide. 

Every box is gallery quality and signed for future generations. 

Gregg Estey

Greg EsteyI began woodworking on a grand scale with a 24 foot wooden fishing boat I built with my brother. I found it greatly satisfying to take the rough material and craft something useful out of it. This project led to many others and I have since discovered a passion for wood far beyond the desire to just build something.

I have developed a deep appreciation for the beauty of wood – the look, the feel, the smell and sometimes even the sound. With every project I experience an interesting blend of deep peace and mental stimulation. I longingly look forward to the day I can retire from my hospice work and spend my days dreaming and creating in my shop.