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Giving Back

Counting our blessings.

We feel fortunate to have the opportunity to live on the farm, raise the alpacas we love, and produce sweaters for children that will be passed down generation to generation.  

As part of our mission, we try to identify families with small children who have lost their homes and suffered as the result of the economic downturn. We take the fiber from our alpacas’ neck and legs and create soft, snuggly warm blankets to donate to the homeless across Virginia.  

Supporting community:

We have searched throughout the U.S. for skilled artisans in knitting, button and box-making  to build our community of artiists working from home, doing what they love.

Alpacas are eco-friendly:

Alpacas eat less per pound and metabolize grass and hay more efficiently than any other livestock.

Only pure spring-fed water and the mildest bio-degradable soap are used to wash the fiber. The water is captured and used to irrigate our hay fields.

Unlike other livestock, alpacas produce 16 natural colors, eliminating the need for harsh chemical dyes and washes. 

The use of Alpaca reduces the need for dangerous chemicals used in dry-cleaning.

By supporting the U.S. alpaca market, clients create a relatively small carbon footprint compared to the high transport costs of importing.

Many alpaca products sold in the U.S. are actually raised in the and exported to another country to take advantage of extremely low, inhumane wages and then imported back to the U.S.

Most alpaca garments are imported from Peru.  There are no fair-trade agreements to protect the laborers of these products.

This is a rare, U.S. grown and U.S. created product that supports planet-friendly methods and a philosophy of caring.