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Our Knitters

Supporting Cottage Industry

It is our desire to support knitters who have a gift for creating garments of quality.  Each sweater is a signature of the knitter and can be traced to lives of enjoyment working with the finest fibers, lovingly creating a finished garment worthy of an heirloom status.

Knitters are carefully screened and selected for qualities such as a commitment to the finest workmanship on every piece, and a heart for knitting for others.  

They then send the sweater, based on your specifications to us for a final quality review. Our knitters come from throughout the U.S.

They have the drive and desire to make each piece their best work.


Amy Jackson

Our Knitter, Amy JacksonAmy resides in northeast Pennsylvania.  A stay-at-home mom with one son, she also works part time in the school cafeteria.  She comes from a family of crafters and has been doing needlework since she was a child. 

Drawn to color and texture, she began making baby and toddler items when her son was born. 

She loves working with the alpaca fiber because it is dense, soft and as she likes to say, "It really makes a finely defined piece of cloth when you are finished!"




DymphDymphna Nijpels Alexander

Dymphna Nijpels Alexander was born and raised in Den Helder, The Netherlands and learned knitting from her grandmother at the age of 4. She moved with her husband and two children to Lexington, Virginia in 1989 and works at Washington and Lee University.

She just became a grandmother of a beautiful baby boy and will be a full time grandmother and knitter in the very near future.