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Our Story

“At Provenance Mill Clothiers, we are committed to promoting sustainable agriculture, treating the environment with tender loving care,  supporting artisans, and giving back to those in need.” -- Susan and David Rabern

As owners of Provenance Mill Clothiers, we are dedicated to doing the right thing in each step of our process.  From the inception of Provenance Mill we have committed to caring; caring for the alpacas from which the luxurious fiber comes, caring for the environment, caring for and valuing the knitters who create every sweater by hand, and caring for the artisans of the hand-made buttons and heirloom boxes.  

As a final step to our commitment, we care for the least privileged in our communities, by donating, strong, warm alpaca blankets to the homeless.  We are committed to making blankets from 100% of our “seconds” fibers, the fiber from the necks and legs of our alpacas.

We both retired from careers of service in the armed forces and were hoping to continue to bring something of value to the community.  Susan also brought to the table a heritage of knitting that goes back generations.  Learn more about Susan's family heritage of knitting

Between the two desires for social conscience and knitting, we purchased Oak Tree Farm where we raise a lovely herd of alpacas in the backdrop of the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia.  Through our sister business, Shenandoah Fiber, we bring to the spinning and knitting community the finest of fibers.  Through Provenance Mill, we have the pleasure of watching these fibers transform into some of the softest, most luxurious garments for children.  We can’t imagine anything better.

Thank you for visiting our site and for your support of Provenance Mill Clothiers. Would you like a tour of Oak Tree Farm?  Call 855-854-3283 to schedule an appointment.

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