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What is Provenance?

An object with provenance can be traced through its history.  It is worthy of passage through generations as an artifact of the lives of those people it has touched.

sweater-hat-booties-81446-zoom.jpgAt Provenance Mill we take this concept seriously. Each of our custom, handmade garments has a story, a history, a conscience, and a future.  The story of each garment begins with the care for the animal that produced the fiber for the yarn, our home-grown alpacas. 

The provenance continues with the lives of the people who cared for and nurtured the animal, harvested its luxurious fiber, spun the yarn, knitted the garment, handcrafted the buttons, and carefully crafted the vintage heirloom boxes in which the treasured garments are shipped and stored.

By ordering a handcrafted garment, each client has the opportunity to join a community of artisans that foster earth-friendly approaches to style.

Clients select the style of garment and the alpaca from which it comes.  Each natural color has a featured alpaca and comes with a written glimpse of who they are in the herd.  The client makes the button and bow selection and the request is sent to one of our artisan knitters to complete. In the meantime, artisans handcraft the heirloom box of choice.  The garment is then carefully inspected and shipped directly to the client within 4-6 weeks.  We have  a limited supply of previously produced garments for expedited shipping.

Our inspiration for Provenance Mill Clothiers can be linked to my grandmother, “Hazel: The Girl with the Grasshopper Leg.”

Our artisans are an integral component of the value of provenance. The quality of our garments is centered on the value system of our community.  Each member of our community of artisans holds to a standard in their work.  Every piece is an opportunity for a personal best.

The commitment to create the garments in the U.S. is critical to the foundation of our company: the exchange of handcrafted products at fair wages, with minimal impact to the environment. We use fiber, yarn, and knitters all from the USA, incurring a minimal carbon footprint when compared to international imports, common with alpaca products. 

Every garment is registered.  We know from which alpaca by name, the fiber came, which knitter, whose hands created the buttons and the heirloom box.  Each heirloom garment is carefully inspected prior to shipment.

The garment comes to you with the complete record of its provenance – a certificate that tells you all about its origin and the people who created it.  The certificate allows you to note the first recipient’s name and to continue to record the lives it may touch in the future.