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Why Alpaca?

Known as “Hair of the Angels” 

alpaca2.jpgAlpaca fiber is recognized as some of the finest natural fiber in the world.  For thousands of years, Alpaca fleece and fiber was considered the garment of royalty because it is rare, luxuriously soft, and more durable than wool.  

Originally raised only in the southern hemisphere, there has been an awakening to the benefits of raising and caring for alpacas in North America.  

Although still considered rare in the U.S., alpaca is becoming more widely known for it’s silky-softness and natural benefits to the people it touches and to our planet.

Meet our featured alpacas.

Breathable & Comfortable

Alpaca fiber has a hollow core, unlike wool which allows the fiber to breathe and is why it is so comfortable. The hollow core traps pockets of air which act as insulators against both heat and cold.  Our alpaca fiber is smoother than silk and extremely light, with the touch of cashmere, but finer, warmer and more durable.


Over 30% of American consumers surveyed by the International Wool Secretariat of Australia reported that they were allergic to wool, because they can’t stand the “prickle” caused by the coarse fibers on their skin. Alpaca fiber’s hollow core creates a smooth shaft and therefore, no “prickle.” Because Alpaca fiber does not contain lanolin (wool does), it is naturally hypo-allergenic.

All Natural

There are no chemicals used in the cleaning process.  The yarn used in  the 
current sweaters has been washed with biodegradable mild detergent in  lukewarm 
water.  When our mill is up and running, we will be able to say  that the fiber 
is washed in lukewarm water with a biodegradable gentle  detergent.  The water 
from washing is reclaimed and used to irrigate the  pastures.

The reason it is possible to clean alpaca fiber with mild biodegradable  
detergent is that alpacas do not produce lanolin.  Lanolin, which is  basically 
a fatty substance, required harsh chemicals to break it down.  Alpaca fiber 
just needs the dust washed out.  

  • Our fiber is processed without harsh chemicals or dyes.
  • Naturally flame retardant and water resistant.
  • Has a natural sheen and resists solar radiation.

Alpaca sweaters can be hand-washed in luke-warm water and do not have to be dry-cleaned.   See care instructions for more information.